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He asked if the girl who was blind in one eye had married. They said no. That night he went to see her, without changing his clothes or washing, despite his mother’s pleas that he at least shave. When the girl saw him standing at the door to her house, she recognized him instantly. The one-legged man saw her too, looking out the window, and he raised a hand in a formal salute, even a stiff salute, though it could also have been interpreted as a way of saying such is life. From that moment on he told whoever would listen that in his town everyone was blind and the one-eyed girl was queen.

Robert Bolano, 2666

The Part About the Insane Amounts of Rapes and Murders

Casey just wrote he’s excited to put part four behind him and I know exactly how he feels. I’ll hold off judgment till I’m done the entire story but wow, hey? Wow.

Reading this section has made me see I’m not as close to being desensitized as I had previously thought. It just keeps going and going. I’ve had my jaw drop a few times and felt like bleh after reading for an hour. Reading about the deaths doesn’t get easier, it gets harder. It feels like it’s all piling on.

What a contrast from the first section.

The folks from Infinite Summer who are gearing up to take on 2666 have asked a few people to keep track of certain parts of the book (having someone keep track of all the dreams is brilliant). Good luck to the two people marking down all the deaths.

Pablo Picasso’s Guernica came up in a review I just finished on 2666.

Terrifying piece of art.

Reading Roberto Bolaño is like hearing the secret story, being shown the fabric of the particular, watching the tracks of art and life merge at the horizon and linger there like a dream from which we awake inspired to look more attentively at the world.

Francine Prose - “The Folklore of Exile”, a review of Last Evenings on Earth (2006) in The New York Times (9 July 2006)

Page Count Shout Out

I’m on page 137. What page do you guys and girls find yourself on?

So, guys,

how’s it going? I’m not far in because of various reasons, but I’ve greatly enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

What’s everyone’s opinion?

Edit: Opinions on the book in general. Are you finding it easy to read/difficult, are you enjoying it, is it what you expected? Anything you want to share.

Discussion plan

I just finished the first part of 2666 and realized we haven’t decided how we’re going to discuss the book. Should I just share my thoughts so far (minus any spoilers) or are we going to set a date and then all post our thoughts on the same day? Maybe we’re keeping this tumblr for quotes and pics and posting notes and ideas on our own tumblrs? Or possibly we’re going to get all 24th century and open up a google wave where we will tag-team a review of the book? I’m fine with whatever.

What’s the deal?

… as they delivered kick after kick, shove Islam up your ass, which is where it belongs, this one is for Salman Rushdie (an author neither happened to think was much good but whose mention seemed pertinent), this one is for the feminists in Paris (will you fucking stop, Norton was shouting), this one is for the feminists of New York (you’re going to kill him, shouted Norton), this one is for the ghost of Valerie Solanas, you son of a bitch, and on and on, until he was unconscious and bleeding from every orifice in the head, except the eyes.

Roberto Bolano - 2666, p. 74

This book is surprisingly hilarious in parts (wait for the context if you’re not there yet). I’ve laughed out loud/giggled out loud probably half a dozen times thus far.

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